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An Overview of SD-WAN For Dummies

SD-WAN, or Software Defined Wide Area Network, is a revolutionary technology. While the concept itself is straightforward, it represents a complete paradigm shift from traditional WAN architecture. In the SD-WAN world, the network is completely virtual, allowing network administrators to manage and configure all devices from a centralized location. Here’s an overview of SD-WAN. For the most part, the concept is similar to that of a private highway.

SD-WAN is an enterprise wide-area network, or WAN, that connects branch offices and corporate data centers. It can simplify branch office connectivity and ongoing management, as well as improve the performance of enterprise applications. In addition to traditional WAN architecture, cloud-delivered SD-WAN allows network administrators to implement a fully optimized cloud architecture. The VeloCloud co-founders contributed to SD-WAN For Dummies, and Lee Doyle contributed the book’s foreword.

While MPLS is the preferred transport network technology, SD-WAN is a virtual overlay that is decoupled from physical connections. Its advantages include higher bandwidth, increased security, and a more flexible setup than MPLS. Besides delivering a better experience for your customers, SD-WAN is also faster and easier to implement. This makes it a good replacement for MPLS. A guide to SD-WAN is necessary for all IT managers.

Bigleaf Networks is another startup that has a robust product for SD-WAN. Their SD-WAN solution is geared toward mid-sized businesses. Bigleaf offers an easy-to-use UI with a simple interface for policy management. It automatically drops applications into one of six different buckets, which define traffic prioritization policies. This SD-WAN solution also includes failover capabilities between multiple links anxnr.

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