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Living in the US As a Foreigner

Many foreign nationals appreciate the U.S. and make it their home, yet they still maintain a strong connection with their countries of origin. More than half of respondents regularly phone or send money to their families abroad. About one-third of respondents closely follow current events in their countries of origin. Luckily, many employers offer health livemocha insurance, making it easier to cover medical expenses while abroad. Here are some things to keep in mind when moving to the U.S.

Make sure that you have adequate health insurance coverage for yourself and your family. While the United States does not have compulsory insurance, the costs of medications and treatment are nearly 2.5 times higher in the US than in many other industrialized countries. If you lunarstorm are uninsured, you could end up with hefty medical bills that you could not afford. A private health insurance policy will save you from having to pay for these costs out of your own pocket.

You will need to build up your credit score. This may be harder for a foreigner, as they do not have a long work history in the United States. Luckily, there are special programs offered by NOVA Credit that can help foreign nationals establish credit. However, if you have no US credit history and you meetro are planning to buy a home, you will probably need a down payment of 30 percent to 50% of the property price. You can also choose to find roommates and save on rent.

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