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The Benefits of Virtual Fitting Room

Virtual fitting rooms can be a great solution for brick-and-mortar retailers looking to take their store online. These systems reduce return rates by as much as 36%. Even e-commerce businesses can benefit from virtual fitting rooms, as the technology allows them to present a product’s design and color before buying. While virtual fitting rooms can help brick-and-mortar retailers make their store more appealing online, they cannot replicate the feel of fabric or the look of a real fitting room.

The benefits of virtual fitting rooms have become apparent to consumers. These systems allow consumers to try on clothing without even leaving their home. While traditional fitting rooms have long been the domain of physical stores, they are quickly becoming a prime location for e-commerce businesses to showcase their products. The benefits of a virtual fitting room are numerous, including the ability to customize the experience for customers. Several solutions are available on the market today. While many alternative solutions rely on human pose estimation algorithms, yourFit creates a photorealistic avatar, and maps it to product data from a brand or retailer. As a result, your virtual fitting room experience is tailored to your body size and shape, while also reducing the burden of learning how to fit a garment.

For customers, virtual fitting rooms are invaluable. Not only can virtual fitting rooms improve conversions, they can also increase basket sizes. Virtual fitting rooms also provide priceless data insights. They can bridge the gap between physical and virtual shopping experiences, ensuring a safe and convenient experience for customers. The technology is already available, and companies have begun using it to create virtual fitting rooms. And you don’t have to be an expert in fashion to see the benefits of virtual fitting rooms.

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